Welcome to my website

The purpose of this website is to provide information on my business activities and present a comprehensive representation of my working life and interests.

I am an oilman and government advisor with specific expertise in former Soviet Union countries. I serve as CEO of Zenith Energy Ltd., a Canadian oil & gas production company with a number of gas producing concessions in Italy and the operatorship of the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan.

Beyond the energy sector, my interests include wine production, cinema and historical research.

Site visit in Tunisia going very well. An exciting asset which, if acquired, will greatly enrich our growing African oil production and development portfolio #ZEN #ZEE

Visited Tilapia once again today, I’m looking forward to contracting a fully inspected drilling rig to produce the Mengo and potentially transformational Djeno horizons at the earliest opportunity post-completion #ZEN #ZEE #AAOG